Empty the cache

Internet Explorer 7

1.In the tool bar, click on the button "Tools" situated on the right with the symbol of a cog.

2. In the menu which opens, select "Delete Navigation history..."

3. A new window opens offering several choices, click on "Delete the files..." Another new window opens asking you if you really want to delete the temporary Internet files. Click on "Yes"

4. Click on "Close".

Remark: This operation does not in any way compromise your data.

You can also verify / change your cache options as follows:-

1. Click on "Tools" in the menu bar, and then select "Internet Options" from the menu which opens.

2. In the window « Internet options  », select the tab "General".

3. Under the heading « Navigation history », click on the button "Parameters".

4. A new window opens; tick one of the choices offered (Recommended choice: "At each start of Internet Explorer).